Free Fault in Our Stars Audio-book John Green

The fault in our star free ebook follows sixteen old Hazel grace Lanchester (Sheilene Woodley) who was seen to fight typhoid cancer since she was thirteen years of age. The disease spreads to her lungs where she enters an experimental study to help her in battling the disease but despite her small improvement in her overall comfort, Hazel is stuck with an oxygen tank which made her tired. Hazel spent her days studying and watching reality TV. Her mother (Laura Dern) try to convince her to join a support group for young cancer patients. She is reluctant to attend the meeting but after constant pressure from her mother, she finally decides to attend the meetings.

Her life starts to change while she finally meets Augustus Walters (Ansel Elgort). Augustus is living cancer free after he was amputated his right leg. His friend Isaac (Nat Wolff) who is few days away from an operation that would leave him blind also attends the meetings. Gus and Hazel strike a fast flirty relationship where Gus tries to convince Hazel to break out of her shell challenging her to live before it is too late. Gus reminds hazel that she is a grenade, terminally ill and when her day comes she want to protect everyone from blast.

The free the fault in our stars audio cd relies on teenage romance tropes cleverly created by John Green making the book very interesting. The plot centers on a tale of star crossed lovers. The eBook is a surprisingly authentic and moving story of life in the shadow of death. It is elegantly plotted and as sad as you would imagine about adult cancer to be. However, it is also brings joy where it depicts Hazel and Augustus to have a zeal to live while caring for each other without caring about the cancer. It is very delightful to see the plans unfolding and flourishing of their relationship despite of the trouble they are undergoing.

The eBook proves that the hype surrounding it author is not overblown. Green tells his story with tenderness and gumption almost adding a new genre to cancer-lit experience. He also shoves adolescent crush musings and jitters about the afterlife into the story making sure that everything fit and most of it all to make sense.